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Hawks Fly Strong

Beginning immediately following Brett’s injury, support came pouring in for him. Many people dropped off cards, flowers and cookies, while others showed their support at the Green-out game versus University of Louisiana-Monroe and by the many donations made each day to the Brett Greenwood Foundation.

One item that showed up a few weeks later was this framed flag and certificate from a Hawkeye soldier from Eastern Iowan.

The flag was flown in honor of Brett on “Green-Out” day over Afghanistan on a KC-10 “Extender” in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM on September 24, 2011.

The framed flag and certificate are accompanied by a small plaque reading, “Hawkeye Prayers Extend Across The World In Support Of Brett And His Family. This Flag Represents The U.S. Military’s Support And Was Flown By A Fellow Hawkeye on “Green-Out” Day.” – Lt. Col. Eric Clifton

This flag not only represents freedom and everything the U.S. Military and armed forces represent to Americans, but also the bond among Hawkeye Nation. It takes an incredible person to fight for our country, and while doing that reach out in support of Brett and his battle. While the two fights are hardly comparable to one another, the determination and desire to overcome are present in both situations.

Brett is fighting everyday to make positive steps forward. He continues to get better and beat the odds at every stage. We are so thankful for all the prayers. This framed flag and certificate now hang in Brett’s room to remind him that others are fighting too and are supporting him.

Thank you Lt. Col. Eric Clifton and all the armed forces of our country, for everything you do each day to allow Brett and his family the freedom to fight this battle he is in.

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One Response to Hawks Fly Strong

  1. Chris Haupert July 1, 2012 at 12:24 pm #

    Thanks for the updates! Along with several other Hawk fans, I had the pleasure of seeing something incredible take place last fall after Brett’s injury. What began as a brain-storming session on became a movement among the Hawkeye Nation that resulted in a grass-roots effort by Iowa fans that led to a heartwarming display of love and support for Brett and the Greenwood family on Green-out day. An estimated 25,000 fans showed their support for Brett by wearing green; a loyal Hawk fan who owns an apparel business jumped in and started cranking out green #30 t-shirts at a steep discount; Brett’s former teammates showed their support by wearing green helmet stickers and wristbands; and the cheerleaders joined in by wearing green, as well. After the game, a generous and concerned Iowa fan with a talent for graphic design volunteered his time and effort to create a poster commemorating “Wear Green for Greenwood Day”. It’s a beautiful tribute to a great Hawkeye. Several of us bought limited-edition posters, and its creator generously gave a framed poster and the right to mass-produce them to the Brett Greenwood Foundation. My Greenwood poster currently sits on our “Hawkeye Wall” in our home and will remain there as long as we live here. It was an honor and a privilege to have been a very small part of such an amazing movement. Even almost a year later, Hawk fans continue to pray for you all and remain not only concerned about Brett’s condition but hopeful that he’ll continue to beat the odds as he battles back in his recovery. God bless you all!